Monday, June 22, 2009

Fabulous Fathers- Updated

We had a quick but great visit to see my parents in Ohio for Father's Day, and after a little bit of fishing we enjoyed an afternoon at Carillon Park near downtown Dayton.
I hadn't visited this historic park since elementary school, and it was fun to expose the kids to some of Dayton's incredible history, much of which I had forgotten myself.
It's pretty amazing how much innovation has come out of Dayton, most notably those two guys the Wright Brothers, Fathers of Flight! We saw their original bicycle shop and the Wright Flyer III (# I is at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC).
It's also really sad to see so much strong industry closing down in Dayton (ie. Delco Moraine) and leaving the area (ie. NCR, a fixture in Dayton for decades). History does repeat itself in that change is always inevitable, I suppose. On that note, I was also really happy to enjoy something that hasn't changed in Dayton for years... Marion's pizza! It was exactly the way I remember it!

As we enjoyed Father's Day, I did think of my friends and family members that haven't been as blessed as I with such healthy, loyal, or awesome fathers as my husband and Dad (above). I am truly thankful.

I'm pretty excited to note that I'm going to have my first guest blogger tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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Dianne said...

That's quite a fish on the line there for Paul! Noticed your Dad's mother-in-law made the honor flight about a month ago (she served in WWII) and had the best time ever. Isn't that program a wonderful thing?