Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Out of one's comfort zone!

Last week my friend Marti invited Mirian and I to join her and some friends and their children who were visiting from Chicago for a day of horses and art. Well, wasn't that right up our alleys!? In the not-so-recent past it would have been nearly impossible to get Mirian to participate in such a thing... she didn't know the other kids, she's never been to Marti's, she doesn't want to ride horses other than her own Gringo (who can actually be a challenge, but still she's used to him). It must have been the magnetic personality of Marti, whom she adores, that encouraged her to give it all a try! I couldn't have been prouder as she participated in a group lesson (even though the instructor was yelling a bit at the previous group which would normally have scared her away) and she even cantered on her school horse. Rosemary, the instructor from Sunburst Horsemanship School, did a great job with five kids of diverse abilities and experience.
At Marti's, she enjoyed meeting Io McHippus (Marti's mini whom she had heard so much about). Io had just been gelded the previous day, so Marti had to give him an extra belly scratch to get him going!
Some of the kids (and grown-ups) painted, and I taught them how to make a simple felted cat toy. Marti's friend Marina is an artist who works in mixed media with all kinds of materials, but she had never felted before. She and Laurie both did a great job, and I think that everyone had a wonderful time with whatever they chose to do! (The city kids seemed pretty happy just to run around in bare feet).
Working with fiber again (along with a recent trip to the mill to drop off fiber for processing) got me in the mood for more felting- check out my newest creations on the farm blog-
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