Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A New Helper

Did I set myself up for too much change when I decided my word of the year would be ADAPT? Oh well, change is always happening and much to my chagrin we're hunting once again for a full time helper on the farm. Our current helper is leaving after 6 months (just long enough to be well-trained) to pursue a horse training position, and I'm pretty sad to see her go.... That being said, I have had a huge response to my ad and have already interviewed 2 possible candidates so wish me luck!
Wally is actually our newest helper around here. He's a 4 month old hand-raised cockatiel which Paul and the kids found and purchased while I was at AOBA Nationals. He is EXTREMELY social, and if I'm working at my computer he makes a big ruckus until I let him out of the cage. First he'll explore, (he loves my keyboard), then he climbs up to my shoulder to chirp to me and play with my earrings. I love him!
Here's to hoping that our new farm manager is not a bird brain! Pin It Now!

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Dreamer said...

Beautiful bird. Growing up I had several birds. They are more personable that most people realize and make a wonderful addition to the family.