Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Learning to do WHAT?

We've been learning to geocache!!! Geocaching is a popular hobby involving searching for or placing "caches" (a small treasure/find) in strategic locations to be found via GPS and additional clues. Paul and I have been intrigued by the idea for a while, so when I read that Life Adventure Center of the Bluegrass (LAC) was offering a family day camp for learning about questing and geocaching, I signed up the kids and myself. (Paul wanted to come, too, but he was in Frankfort helping to lobby for the horse industry yesterday).
It was so fun going to camp WITH the kids, and I don't think they were too intimidated by having Mom along. Robert quickly teamed up with another boy his age, and Mirian and I hung out with the other girls and moms.
The instructors at LAC are always first-rate, and Danielle was exceptional. First, she went through the basics of map and compass-reading (you can't always depend on technology, right?), then we followed clues to find "treasures" around the immediate area of camp. (These included items like stickers, caribiners, compasses, and other small trinkets).
We followed a map and several clues to find the old cemetery located thick in the woods of LAC- I have always loved old cemeteries, and this one was from the early 1800s, with a beautiful old stone wall surrounding it.... very cool.
Then we learned to use a GPS. I've had one in my car for some time now, but it was fun to finally figure out how to locate and mark places using coordinates. Each group set up a small "cache" with clues and coordinates for the other groups to follow. Then we ventured into the woods to locate five other strategically-located caches. (This was a particularly pretty box turtle we saw along the way).
Since it was such a hot day, we were all thankful for the final cache, which contained a cooler full of popsicles!

We are fortunate to have such a wonderful resource as Life Adventure Center of the Bluegrass nearby. As for information on geocaching, just check out for all of the information that you need to get started! Mirian and I are going to head out this morning to seek out a few caches which appear to be within just a few miles of our farm, and soon we may place one ourselves!
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