Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Comfort and Joy

Our dog, Munchie, has been such a wonderful addition to our home since arriving about a year and a half ago. We acquired him from my friend, Shari, who had rescued him as a stray who appeared to be about a year old and had been wandering around Bourbon Co. for about 3 weeks. She eventually found his owner who asked her to find a home for him since the woman had cancer and couldn't care for him properly. Shari was about to sign him over to Shitzu Rescue when Mirian and I met him, and the rest is history! I have owned many, many dogs over the years but Munchie is probably my favorite. All purebred dogs are bred for a job, and all are happiest when they have the opportunity to do that job or adapt to another similar purpose. I have had to rehome a beloved Border Collie and Australian Shepherd, as they couldn't be content unless they were herding something. Our Maremmas and Great Pyrenees are superb at their jobs of guarding livestock, though they do enjoy the company of people when we are feeding or working with the alpacas. They would be a nightmare in the house with their size, exuberance, and coat which sheds profusely in the summer! Munchie's job and what he was bred for is to be a good companion and lap dog. He quietly follows me from room to room, always ready to snuggle and eager to keep my feet warm on the bed each night. It is hilarious to watch as we move around the house, as he quickly scopes out the MOST comfortable spot in the room, usually perching on a pillow. Even when we are in a strange place, he surveys the area for the prime spot where he is cozy and can see what's going on! He is loyal and is a good sentry, though is an immediate friend to anyone who gives him a pat and speaks kindly. If I had the time, I'd consider training him as a therapy dog.
Munchie isn't the smartest dog I've owned, but has the natural curiosity and great sense of smell that leads him into trouble sometimes, just like any dog. Here, he's meeting my parent's swans- his non-threatening manner only brought out a hiss from the swans, who are typically much more aggressive toward newcomers.
He loves going for walks, and can race really fast and joyfully when he's out for a stroll with me!

I was glad to hear that the Obamas are considering a shelter puppy for the official White House pet. Hopefully, they'll find a companion that will give them as much peace and lower blood pressure as our beloved Munchie!
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Don Dutton said...

I am so glad to see Munchie again, And I am especially glad your are happy with him and that he is so happy with you.It was really hard on me to give him up but I'm glad we did. You both deserve each other. He sure is a joy to have around.the last picture is absolutely the greatest.Take of each other. Don

AlpacaLindy said...

Don, we'll be forever grateful to you and Shari for giving him to us! He is such a wonderful companion. Glad you liked the picture- he looks so joyful in that last one!

Dianne said...

Love that happy dog last picture! What a lucky boy he is to find a home with you.

Marti McGinnis said...

One of my favorites among your wonderful posts to date LuLu....

cheers, Marti

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

he is adorbale :) I have enjoyed my visit to your blog today.