Sunday, February 1, 2009

No Power, Day 5

The Ice Storm of 2009 is becoming an experience to remember! On the one hand, it IS time for the kids to go back to school (hopefully tomorrow). I will say, though, that they are adapting pretty well. No TV or video games and little to no internet has been great for them. I must admit that I have enjoyed catching up with my blogs this morning, as it is such an enjoyable part of my day. One of the blogs I enjoy, SouleMama, is written by a very interesting and creative Maine mom (and sometimes Papa, too), and it is interesting how they so cheerfully embrace winter in New England- this post is a good example of their beautiful photography and writing as well as resilience to winter.

On the positive side, I feel very, very fortunate that we have a working generator (and that Paul hasn't sold it out from under us!). Paul's business sells generators and chainsaws (in addition to being a John Deere and Kubota dealer), so this has been an incredibly busy time for them!!!! They have literally sold hundreds? of generators over the past few days due to the widespread power outages (fortunately his business does have power), and this is the first time ever that they are opening on a Sunday. Our generator doesn't power our furnace, but can do several things at once so we can at least have some hot running water and other luxuries, just not as conveniently as usual.

Like so many tribulations, this one is making us all appreciate things SOOO much more!
Yesterday, Robert was at a friend's and Mirian and I went for a drive to take pictures and get a hot lunch at Wallace Station on beautiful Old Frankfort Pike. Some of the largest and most beautiful horse farms in the world are just a few miles from our home, and the icy landscape was even more stunning than usual. I hope you enjoy some of the scenes we took in along the way: Pin It Now!

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Dianne said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! Even with all the destruction, there was so much beauty. Hope you are electrified by now! (we got ours back last night--yay!)