Monday, February 23, 2009

Wanted: Sure Signs of Spring

We have been teased with a few nice days here and there lately but this past weekend, winter slammed us again with very strong, cold winds, followed by rain, snow and plummeting temperatures. I hate to complain about the long winter when it is still February (okay, maybe I don't mind complaining!) as I know that lots of places have much worse weather. I am simply craving spring!
There are signs of it around, though, and every little glimpse makes me feel so good! We have daffodils popping up everywhere....
... and a vigorous alpaca cria was born the other day, a true black male that I think I'll name "Raven."

Cheering me most of all are the seed trays with broccoli and tomatoes sprouting in my studio. More about our big garden plans later this week. I hope that wherever you are, you capture at least a glimpse of sunshine today.

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