Monday, February 2, 2009


With humble gratitude to electrical workers/linesmen, Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, and others who have contributed to making our lives ever so much more comfortable, I say THANK YOU!!!! Our power finally came back on this afternoon. I think that for me the biggest issue was simply having any semblance of routine completely disrupted. Even the smallest things were so much more challenging. What did I miss the most? I think it was simply cooking and baking in our kitchen, with regular lights and a sink with hot water readily available. Ahhh, the things we take for granted.

For those who are cold or stressed from being "cut off", you are in our prayers. We know that despite our turmoil, we had it much better than so many people.

Here are a few more images to remember... above is Robert in the hot tub after sliding around on the ice, right before the power went out. Below is an old tobacco barn that is literally beside our road (snow and ice-covered here). Besides the novelty of this barn being just a foot from the pavement, it holds a unique memory for us. Last year, a local young man strung it with white lights on Christmas Eve with the words, "Will you Marry Me?" (We assume she said yes!). You can barely make out Marry Me with the ice on the lights.Our driveway went from icy to snowy to icy again before Paul plowed it. Mirian kept saying it looked like Narnia here.The shear magnitude of the ice was amazing as it formed on fences and trees.
Munchie wasn't very thrilled with the weather, he is all about comfort... (and I guess I'm a bit like that, too.) Pin It Now!

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Linda said...

Wow - they are great photos Lindy. We are also having lots of snow in England; very rare for us! Keep warm (you should with all that lovely wool!)
Thanks for your kind comments.