Saturday, May 23, 2009

Divine Day

Do you ever, just every once in a while, have a day that comes together and when you look back on it you realize that it truly represents a dream? That's what I hope to capture in my blogs from time to time, the days I want to remember when I'm old. I want to share and then look back upon Jason and Crystal's wedding, and my kids' first days of school, and some of the rough times as well so that I can better appreciate the special days. Recording the ice storm of '09 helps remind me to savor these beautiful May days, and when I look back on these times during nasty weather I'll have hope for better times ahead!
Yesterday (after a not-so-stellar start of getting a very grumpy girl on the bus, that does still happen lest you think my life is perfect), we had another cria born- the third this week! Findlay bestowed upon us a beautiful, healthy boy. Not so exciting as Dulce's female cria, Ginger Spice, born on Sunday, but still healthy is good.
Then MB brought out her horse, Gus, and we had a picnic trail ride, the first for us in quite a while! That in itself is hard to beat, but then we met Mirian's bus and she joined us for a while with Gringo. Marti and her husband brought their green horses MuMu and Coho out for the first time to expose them to a new place and experience, and Paul even joined in with Strawberry for a while. Afterwards we ate smoked wild turkey and other barbecue fixin's with both of our kids and friends enjoying laughs, prayers and drinks and a new delicacy together. I'm always so happy to expose our kids to such great creative role models who know how to work hard, do things for others, AND have a lot of fun in life!
Paul had shot a beautiful tom turkey on the last day of the hunting season, his first, and the breast meat was absolutely exquisite! I hope our friends had as great of a time as I did! Pin It Now!

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