Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Insert some creativity

Looking over the past month's blogs, it's obvious that family stuff has been in the forefront (as it needed to be), and there has been very little mention of crafting or artwork. Even knitting has really fallen by the wayside, and the only spinning I've done in months was during the demonstration at Woodford County's Farm Field Day last week. I recently squeezed in a tiny bit of felting, too, but it hasn't been nearly enough. Being around my good friend Marti McGinnis, an artist, web guru, and horsewoman always inspires me to try to find a little bit more art time. She's one of those effervescent people that oozes creativity and individuality, and it's contagious! Marti puts her unique personal stamp on just about everything, from her hand-painted purses, shoes, saddle bag, and even her car which is completely painted with whimsical horse scenes. Don't get me started on her wonderful home and farm, which is covered with her artwork and other creative touches from top to bottom. Even Marti's horses, MuMu or more officially "Muon McHippus" (an American Paint Horse, below) and Io (a miniature horse, at top with Marti) are both naturally painted! There are many reasons I love being with her (humor, great listener, interesting and brilliant), but creative stimulation is definitely one of the top ones. So, with the little bit of free time I've had, I've been embellishing a few things, but I've decided to leave all of that for a different post.
Yesterday, I attended a clinic at Marti's farm called "Inner Dialogue, Outer Joy" which was geared toward quieting one's inner critic and encouraging positive self-talk. It was facilitated by Marti and Verena Schott (below), a healer, animal communicator and delightful and insightful person. Clinic activities took place in and out of Marti's awesome old tobacco barn and involved artwork, guided activities with horses, a little meditation, and some insightful discussions. We had an amazing organic lunch, it's no suprise that Marti is an excellent cook as well. It was a very uplifting day with some awesome classmates, and I enjoyed everyone's ideas and company.
I've been told that friends come in to your life for "a reason, a season, or a lifetime"- I am really grateful to have befriended Mary Beth and subsequently, Marti, and believe strongly that both of these precious friends are here for all three!
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Dianne said...

Gosh, sounds like you had a wonderful experience. My inner critic sure needs some lessons in being quiet!

AlpacaLindy said...

It was great, Dianne, I'll let you know when the next such clinic is taking place! The more time goes on, the more I have come to realize how EVERYONE has their struggles, pains, and issues and how we all muddle along through life. Being easier on yourself sure helps- I hope you realize how much people admire YOUR many wonderful talents and qualities!