Saturday, May 2, 2009

Truly Loco

I am often asked how we keep up with everything around here. Wanna know a big secret?..... SSSHHH, don't tell!.... I DON'T keep up, not in the least little bit! Everyone once in a while I delude myself into thinking that things are under control, but then.... WHAM, I am reminded that it is an illusion.
This time of year is especially busy here on the farm and in life in general. Two weekends of shows have really set us back (that's me and Mystery above at the Kentucky Classic, where he got a 2nd), as have field trips (see Mirian at the Legends baseball game at top) and sports and Paul being away and crias being born and grass growing like crazy. Some have wondered how I find the time to blog- well, obviously I haven't lately!
But TODAY, yes today, I am going to find the time to be inspired, and to create, and to catch up on laundry and organizing, and to sit inside and look out at the rain which is making things even more green than last week if that's possible. I'm also going to plant some flowers (shown at the top) to accent the technicolor green outside my windows. And, I'm going to remind myself how very lucky I am to have such a full and active life!
P.S. Of course I'll be watching the Kentucky Derby, and I'm putting my hopes on Fresian Fire!

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