Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Riding Expedition!

This year I decided to celebrate Mother's Day with some time away with friends and horses, though it turned out to be just one friend, Marti, who could make it (Boo-hoo, we really missed MB!). Since it was our first big trip out for the season, we decided to stay close- I insisted that if the weather was nasty I'd be just fine camping at Wal-Mart. I just needed to get away! Despite storms and flash flooding on Friday night, the weather cooperated beautifully the rest of the weekend. It was a bit sad but also pretty amusing watching stuff float down the fast-flooding creek beside the campground- a refrigerator and everything! It didn't help at all in dispelling any Eastern Kentucky stereotypes we held. One thing that isn't perpetuated enough about Eastern Kentucky is it's treasure-trove of natural beauty. This is just one of the hundreds of natural arches that are all throughout the Daniel Boone National Forest and Sheltowee Trace area.There was a plethora of wildflowers blooming and butterflies everywhere (not to mention poison ivy and ticks, but we won't go there...). The sloppiness of the trails wasn't really too much of a bother for our surefooted horses, and the sandstone terrain isn't very slick at all. There were enough treacherous areas to keep things interesting, and we wisely dismounted to lead the horses through some super-tough areas, especially Jump Rock- I'd really like to see how any equine could get up that rock-strewn cliff! Gringo and Sunday made us proud, once again, with their good sense and enviable endurance!
I hope you like this little movie, the first I've made with my handy Flip Mino which fit nicely in my pocket as I rode. Sorry for the shakiness of the videos, it's more because I have a wiggly horse rather than the video itself being poor! Also, this is my first You Tube Video and I need to better figure out a way to control the "thumbnail view", as what you see here isn't a good representation of the movie itself- anybody have any suggestions? At least I've accomplished another step in technology! (And this particular post was about getting away from it all for the weekend- hah!)
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Marti McGinnis said...

Good job with the movie Lulu! You get to pick one of three thumbs for your youtube movies after upload and processing. It's usually frame 1, mid-point (exact middle) or last. Almost never what you want exactly, in my experience. Ah well. Fun Fun Trip! My post is going to star YOU! When will I get to it? Hmmmm..... lol

Dianne said...

Looks like a great weekend. Is there any place more beautiful than Kentucky in the springtime? I sure don't think so.