Saturday, May 16, 2009

Getting hooked

Yesterday morning, as I woke to the prospect of my stepson Jason's joyous wedding day, I asked my husband if he remembered what question he asked me 20 years before. Without missing a beat, he said "I gave you a tackle box and fishing pole for your birthday and when you opened up the compartment with the diamond ring in it I asked if you wanted to get hooked?!" Of course I said yes, and the rest is history!
I have enjoyed reminiscing about those fun days of planning and excitement as we anticipated Jason and Crystal's wedding. There is just nothing better than bringing together your very best friends and all of your family to share in the formalizing of your love and committment. Okay, I'm gonna start getting sappy and weapy if I don't watch it! (Here's a cute picture of my parents, below, married 57? years!)
All that I can say is that the day we decided to get hooked and the day that Jason and Crystal tied the knot were two of the best birthdays, no BEST DAYS, I've ever had! It was a beautiful evening (thank you, Lord, for a reprieve from rain!) and I was extremely proud of Mirian and Robert's poise as members of the wedding party. It was sooo much fun watching Mirian and Jason dancing, and to see cousins from California to North Carolina having a great time together. Even my parents hung in there until after 1 AM with my Dad boogeying with the rest of us- nobody wanted to leave such a great party! Love, love, happy, happy, it was just awesome!!!! (Well worth missing the Preakness over- yeah, Rachel Alexandra!) Best prayers and wishes to Jason and Crystal!!!! We are truly thrilled that you got hooked.
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Jeana said...

Awww...that is a great "fish story" about getting hooked. You an Paul are a great couple! And Miriam and Robert look so grown up in the wedding Sounds like a marvelous night with wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing.