Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring at Seldom Scene

The weather seems to have finally broken, and it's supposed to be gorgeous all week. I love being out in the fields with the alpacas this time of year! As pretty as the buttercups are, they're an unfortunate sign of our poor pasture conditions due to the past two summers of drought and some overgrazing. It is pretty, though!
Planting the garden and trying to catch up on the knee-high (in some spots) grass are some of our priorities after what seems like weeks of rain! Paul just tilled the majority of the garden for the 3rd time, as grass just kept re-growing and the only things in right now are peas and onions.
Yesterday we were graced with our first water-lily of the season. I know I gush about our pond, but there is always something new to enjoy. The two lily pictures were taken only 20 minutes apart! The water lilies only bloom for a few days and they open up for just about 4 hours per day, so I try to enjoy them while I can. We have at least 6 resident frogs, and they are pretty entertaining as well. They really do enjoy hanging out on the lily pads- wish I had time to float around in a pool like that. (I can almost picture them with little umbrella-drinks).
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Dianne said...

Gorgeous pictures. Love this weather (I think we deserve it, after what we've had for the last few weeks!)