Friday, December 12, 2008

Buying Local

Yesterday afternoon was absolutely miserable- rain, ice, sleet, snow, wind- and I loved being out in it to go shopping in my "neighborhood". (Don't worry, Mom, it wasn't really treacherous). First, I went just around the corner to Woodford Reserve Distillery. They have a great gift shop, and I bought some bourbon balls, bourbon coffee, and other treats to put in some gift baskets for clients and friends.

Then I headed over to wonderful Midway to visit my two favorite shops there, Dragonfly Gifts and Soapwerks. I saw a few things (small, original chicken paintings) that I'd love myself at Dragonfly, but will forgo those for now. I bought some great stocking stuffers like peppermint lip gloss from Soapwerks, and love that all of Kathy's products are natural and handmade, many of which her two daughters from China have helped to make.

As the ice rained down harder, I crept over to Equus Run Winery and Vineyard. Since we're wine club members, I had a free tasting and confirmed that their Zinfandel is my favorite and best choice for other red-wine lovers on my Christmas list, especially the 2007 Reserve which is incredibly smooth and complex! Many bottles came home with me!

After that I picked up Mirian and we headed off to see the movie Twilight and do some additional shopping. (Okay, you're probably noticing that Twilight isn't meriting it's own review here!). I must admit that we did patronize the all-evil Wal-Mart, but hey! Where else could we get plastic fruit (part of the costume for Mirian's school costume next week), bread, a DS game, AND blue jeans? Either way, I am trying really hard to buy local and make as many gifts as I can this year. (That being said, check our farm blog for details on our Open House tomorrow!).

I just finished making chili using some of our own ground venison. I'm currently making the famous ginger snaps for tomorrow, this time with Country Rock Sorghum (produced by our friends, Curtis and Marti Congleton) and am also using our own eggs and some bourbon barrel aged vanilla I got at Woodford Reserve. Please come sample some tomorrow!

I'm really excited to go watch a local school production tonight... especially since Robert will be in one of the starring roles as the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland, JR. More details about that to come! And who says I live in the boonies? Finally, don't forget the drawing- I'd love to send you some alpaca socks, whether you live near OR far! Just comment on my Dec. 10th post! Pin It Now!

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