Friday, December 19, 2008

Mimi's "Forever" Carmels

I am feeling much better today- how could I not be? Mirian got through her performance with flying colors (the fruit didn't fall off the bandana on her head or anything else that may have scarred her for life, and she "faked it" like the best of them on the recorder!). I got all of the Christmas presents wrapped, AND we had a beautiful female cria yesterday, SSF Silver Belle (you can check out her story here). I am a bit sleep-deprived, but this close to Christmas the parental adrenaline starts kicking in.

Thank you so much for all of your kind comments in response to yesterday's post, both here and privately. This blog is not just your traditional happy knitting or cooking blog, and as much as I do have so many blessings, it does us all good to share the rough spots at times, if just to learn that we're not alone. My faith, friends, and family truly sustain me and I hope that you are finding support from these as well.

Here's the recipe as promised. Be prepared to spend some time by the stove stirring "forever", I had knitting at hand when I made the last batch, and I don't think I ended up with any fiber in them! The recipe calls for nuts; they're good both with and without (we're already nutty enough around here... sorry, just had to say it). Since we're on that topic, I'll share my Dad's favorite quote (he is the original author)...

"There are more nuts in this world than there are squirrels."
- Bob Millat

"Forever" Caramels by Mom

4 cups white sugar 2 cups white syrup 1 pint cream

1 quart whole milk 2 cups pecans dash of salt

Combine cream and milk in large bowl.

In large cooking pan put sugar, syrup, salt & 1 pint of milk cream mixture.

Cook & stir constantly until soft ball stage. Add 1 pint milk cream mixture.

Cook to firm ball stage. Add remaining milk cream.

Cook to hard ball stage. Add nuts. Stir. Pour into buttered pan.

Set in cool place. When cold & hard, cut & wrap in wax paper.

Hide in a very secret place until ready to eat.

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Lauren said...

The last part of the recipe is MOST important!!! Sarah and I made Christmas cookies on Sunday, and JP has almost finished off the carmels!