Sunday, December 14, 2008

Peak Holiday Weekend

It was a full weekend, starting with Robert's play, Alice in Wonderland, Jr., on Friday night. If you're a parent, you're surely familiar with that feeling of your heart absolutely swelling with pride? It may be from the first smile, hug, a graduation, or a genuine sign of kindness. Well, I sure had it the other night as we watched Robert sing and act with such poise, confidence and humor in his role as The Mad Hatter! The entire cast did a fantastic job, very professional for a middle school production. We can't wait to see Robert in more roles, as he has always been a big ham!Add to that a farm Open House (small but still requiring work, organizing, and time), cria watch, Paul's company party, cooking, and our Huber Christmas get-together and it was a VERY full weekend. We only just tonight FINALLY got the tree up!
It seems that we always end up listening to John Denver's Rocky Mountain Christmas, I don't know why! It's kind of bad when we all know the words to, "Please, Daddy, Don't get Drunk this Christmas", closely followed by "O, Little Town of Bethlehem."

I am REALLY looking forward to a week with not so many items on the agenda (other than the looming Christmas list and cria watch). I'm loading up on podcasts and looking forward to some studio time! Hey, if you've read this far don't forget to comment by Monday night on the Wednesday, Dec. 10th post in order to be eligible to win a pair of awesome alpaca socks! So far there are only 2 comments, and someone is going to win! Pin It Now!

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