Sunday, December 21, 2008

One of my favorite days!

Today is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the official first day of winter. Although we certainly have more daylight than many places, it is typically a gloomy time. The past few days have brought extremely variable weather (it hit nearly 70 on Friday, and is in the low 20's right now and headed for the teens!) Why is it one of my favorite days? Because the days start getting longer again.

Today the sun is shining brightly, which definitely makes me feel better! I have talked to so many people lately that are feeling down, and I know that I struggle sometimes when I don't get enough sunlight. I hope that wherever you are (at least here in the Northern Hemisphere), that you remember that after today, we can put the shortest day behind us.I'm now writing the rest of this on Monday morning, and it's only 5 degrees outside-crazy! I am so grateful for my warm alpaca garments as we continue to make very frequent trips to the barn for cria checks and bottle feeding.
With all that I have on my plate the next few days, I have to concede that my Christmas knitting is completed! (At least all that is going to get done!) Above is a pair of Maine Morning Mitts that I made from a worsted-weight alpaca/wool blend that I overdyed over rose grey- I liked the way the colors turned out. I hope the recipients enjoy their handknits! Pin It Now!

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Dianne said...

I made your caramels last night and today the problem has been to stay away from them! They are delicious! And it's a good thing you warned that it takes a while, it took me nearly 2 hours to get the final temp....but, sooo worth it. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe. Hope you and the whole family have a wonderful Christmas.