Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Being 13

It simply isn't easy being a 13 year old girl... even with a family who loves you completely, good friends, your very own horse, a super school with nice teachers, etc. Especially when your skin color is different from your family and you don't know what you looked like as a baby or who you look like. Especially when you are still trying to learn confusing English words (we do have zillions of them), and your friends are more advanced. Especially when you've had a pretty unfair start to life and are now in a new culture that is just soooo different, even after three years.

Mirian, please know that we pray for you constantly. I also pray for myself to have patience, compassion, wisdom, gentleness, insight, optimism, and constant love for you, even when it is difficult. Why? Because you are SOOOO worthy, in our eyes and especially in God's.

Here is a quote that I came across today:

"Although the world is full of sufferering, it is also full of overcoming it"- Helen Keller

Happy birthday, my girl, and I hope it's fun. Don't worry about your promise to stay sweet even when you're a teen, we know it's hard and all we really want is for you to try to be happy, to contribute to the world, and to know that someone always loves you (God and your family).
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Thivai Abhor said...

... but it may give her a new unique perspective that will challenge the conformity of her peers and push them to view the world in unique and beautiful ways.

I recognize her pain, but don't ignore the potential...

AlpacaLindy said...

Thank you for this lovely reminder. I know that just traveling to her birthplace opened up my view of the world in very constructive ways. I appreciate your viewpoint.

www.martimcginnis.com said...

How did I miss this post? LOVE love LOVE! the painting. Did I say love? Is there a BIGGER word? :)