Friday, November 7, 2008

Felting Fun

Felting with alpaca fiber from our animals is just SOOO satisfying, and every once in a while I just get a hankering to felt (especially when I'm busy and should be doing other things!). I've had a steady demand for felted soaps and needed to make some to take to the Ohio Alpaca Show, but wanted to do even more. Since I also love to dye, I always have stashes of dyed fiber in lots of colors, and some days a particular one just sings to me. I wrap them with handspun scraps- don't they look like little presents?

Several years ago, I collected some beach rocks from the Oregon Coast. I love the smooth, cool, heavy feeling they have in my hand and knew there was a future project for them. One was particularly large, but I admired it's symmetry and as I lugged it home in my heavy suitcase, I kept telling myself that I'd be glad to have it someday.

I wrapped fiber around the rock and felted it well, then cut it open like a clam shell to make a vessel which would make a great little jewelry case. The first one is of dyed fiber, and the second is all natural colors with a fastener made of bone that I got in Alaska.
Maybe you can help me decide whether or not to put the abalone button on the dyed one (it reminds me of an abalone shell), or to use the ceramic button? If I don't sell them this weekend, look for them on my Etsy site next week!

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Linda said...

This is a very clever idea Lindy. Must say I love the abalone button.
I also love Albert the possum and all your gorgeous cuddly alpacas. (Well, they look cuddly anyway!)
Thanks for the angel quote and the nice comment.
Linda x

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

what a cool idea. Nice blog !