Monday, November 17, 2008

City Boys and Country Boys

We really enjoy having company, and this weekend was especially fun with my brother Greg, nephew Zach, and their friend Joe coming for deer hunting. I know, some may be appalled (and there was a time that as a City Girl, I would have been, too) but we have a huge overpopulation of white-tailed deer here and control is very necessary or we'll soon have a lot of starving creatures. Much of our farm is wooded and left wild so there's great habitat for all wild animals and Paul has done a lot to return much of the land to it's natural state, with native grasses and other improvements. Predators of deer like wolves and mountain lions are no longer in this area, so they multiply quickly.

Paul always likes to tease about the "city boys", but they really did hold their own. Zach got a beautiful 8 point buck within about an hour of starting, and Greg had a nice little doe the next day. Most exciting, Robert got his first deer yesterday, a large doe that he dropped with one perfect shot from 170 yards! Every scrap of meat is processed from deer taken here, and Robert's doe will be made into summer sausage, steaks, burgers, and jerky. The meat is free-range, organic, local, low-fat and humanely slaughtered- how cool is that?
When I wasn't busy feeding the guys or the alpacas or watching chick flicks in our cozy new room with Mirian, I was obsessively working on the project shown here on my other blog. Sometimes I'll put my knitting projects on this site, sometimes the other, especially if they're made of alpaca. The weather has turned quite cold and we've had snow flurries, perfect knitting weather. I'm sure grateful for alpaca socks!
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