Monday, November 3, 2008

Busy, but organized!

My life has been continuing to feel less chaotic as I have gotten myself better organized, and although there are still some messy corners of my life I can honestly say that the spillover has helped me to feel more inspired and in control. Last week, I went to IKEA in Cincinnati and bought these shelves (found in the kid's section) for the studio. They fit in with the pine floors and trim beautifully, and hold tons of yarns, fibers and crafting supplies at my fingertips.

We had a super busy and enjoyable weekend. Saturday night we went to one of the funnest parties ever, at the country home of some artist friends. The weather was perfect, and we took a hike through a stunning gorge to which their home backs up. The best part of the evening was the coffee house type music that they, their friends and families shared on the makeshift stage of their back deck. We sat under a big tree full of white twinkling lights and were mesmerized by the bonfire and beautiful music of all varieties.
Yesterday, we hosted my stepson Jason, his fiancee Crystal (pictured above on a recent trip), and some of our combined families for Sunday dinner. Based on meeting Crystal's lovely family for the first time, we feel better than ever that Jason and Crystal are a great match and we are excited about their wedding next year!

Finally, I have actually been squeezing in some knitting and have a very nearly finished project to show off- a simple ribbed men's scarf (a future gift...) in some Seldom Scene Farm 100% alpaca yarn. It's a simple K2 P2 pattern with 38 stitches across. If I do it again from this yarn, I may go with 36 stitches to have slightly more length from the one skein.

While I was completing this post, I discovered that we have had a new cria! Read this post to hear more about it.
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valli said...

Hi this is the first time Ive visited your blog & I just wanted to say I love those storage shelves youve got,they are just what I need in my house :) and the alpaca yarn for the scarf is gorgeous. I love your alpaca photos too :) I will definitely be back to see what your up to, have a great day.