Friday, November 21, 2008

Carmel Apple Drinks... Yum!

Yesterday, Marti, MB and I rode and we were so glad to finally get together that we didn't mind the cold a bit. The horses were very fresh, and it was great to see the woods with most of the leaves off. The water is especially pretty along "the river trail" right now, and the cliffs are readily visible. I love riding in the fall! We stopped at our customary fire ring for lunch, and Marti shared her favorite fall drink with us. It is absolutely the BEST! The horses all got a little taste of the whipped cream, though we didn't share the bourbon with them as we wanted them to keep their wits about themselves for the remainder of the ride!

Marti's Caramel Apple Drinks
Hot mug of apple cider

1 caramel (Marti had homemade!), drop in the bottom
1 shot of bourbon (optional, of course)

Whipping cream for top
Enjoy on a cold day!

While we were lunching, we heard a strange croaking noise of birds overhead. They were initially very difficult to see due to their high altitude, but a flock of sandhill cranes soared directly above us for a while, circling around the thermals which were perhaps rising above the river. It honestly looked like they were forming our intials to say hello..... really! I read a little about them, and learned that they mate for life and live around 25 years. We are precisely on a migratory route of cranes that fly from Lake Michigan in Northern Indiana to Florida for the winter- sounds like a plan!
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Sara said...

Ok- I am officially jealous! Although I am not sure if it is because of the riding or the caramel apple drink! ;)