Saturday, November 1, 2008

Only in Kentucky...

We had a great Halloween! Robert dressed up for school as a weird hillbilly of some sort (Billy Bob teeth, pot belly and all) and he came home with tales of some sort of ice cream eating contest which he nearly won (though he also nearly puked it back up!).
I took Mirian out trick or treating, and she was a sorceress. Since we live out in the country and there are only a few houses on our entire road, we always go to town. The Kentucky State Police Headquarters had a nice drive-through trick-or-treat activity going on, and then we headed down to the state capitol.

Likely only in Kentucky can you go trick or treating at the Governor's Mansion and get your candy straight from the governor! Mirian was thrilled to meet Gov. Steve Beshear, and came home telling everyone that she got her candy straight from the President! The decorations outside the Mansion were gorgeous, as were they in the surrounding older neighborhood.
(Sorry for the grainy photos, they're from my phone). Pin It Now!

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