Wednesday, November 5, 2008


My candidate did not win, but nearly everything in my life is exactly the same today as yesterday, and we always emphasize to our kids that their futures don't hinge on any president or other politician. I have been deliberately concentrating lately on thankfulness and gratitude (appropriate for this month... and anytime!) and have been reading a good book, Thanks, which shares research on happiness. The main gist of the research is that people who "count their blessings" on a regular basis are the happiest, healthiest, and most successful in life. It discusses how people have a happiness "set point" to which they gravitate despite major ups and downs, but that point can be adjusted "higher" with a thankful attitude.
Some of the things I'm most thankful for today:

* The privilege of voting. I have my country and the women of the suffrage movement to thank for that. I love voting in our tiny little friendly precinct at the fire station, and feel patriotic every time I vote there.

* A newly-elected leader that demonstrates the fact that any person of any color and background who has vision and talent and is willing to work hard can succeed in our country. Again, Obama didn't have my vote but I admire him and can only hope that he'll be our best president ever.

* The good health of my family and myself.

* Another gorgeous fall day in Kentucky.

* And, thank you God for the help in getting Mirian to the bus on time this morning- a small miracle which affects my entire schedule today!

My best hopes, prayers, and thanks are with all of those who sacrifice in order to lead our country, and I hope for the best!

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Dianne said...

Wonderful post, Lindy.