Thursday, November 27, 2008

Do you love gadgets?

As a knitter, I love my gadgets. My favorites include a wooden ball winder, hen and egg measuring tape, various knitting bags and baskets, and lots of stitch markers (knitting "jewelry"). I've now discovered a little higher-tech gadget that just about anyone would love (hint, hint, Christmas is coming!)

A friend told me about the Flip Video Mino Series Camcorder, 60 Minutes (Black), and I had to investigate. Within a few days, this tiny gadget became my early Christmas present from Paul (I wanted to have it when the family came for Thanksgiving). It's a video camera that holds up to an hour of video, hooks directly into my laptop via USB, and it's smaller than my iPhone, fitting easily into my pocket.

The Mino is truly easy enough for a 7 year old to use, and would make a great gift for kids, parents, teens, anybody! It includes some simple-to-use movie software for editing, and is great for bloggers as it has a feature for uploading to the web. For $159 via Amazon, the Mino is hard to beat!
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